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Scientific Diving Programs

Jon Fajans is a member of the American Academy of Underwater Sciences and a trained Diving Safety Officer for the University of Belize.  The following table is a list of courses that Jon is currently certified to teach:
Course PADI Instructor #260367 SDI
DAN Instructor #14017 EFR Instructor #260367 PSI/PCI 
Master Scuba Diver Trainer X        
Open Water Scuba Instructor X X      
Advanced Buoyancy   X      
AED X X      
Altitude Diver X X      
BLS/CPR/First Aid    X X X  
BLS for Professional Divers     X    
Boat Diver   X      
Computer Diver   X      
Computer Nitrox   X      
CPR Health Care Provider (infant, child, adult)     X X  
Deep Diver X X      
Dive Medicine     X    
Diving Emergency Management Provider     X    
Diving Emergency Specialist     X    
Drift Diver X X      
Dry Suit Diver X X      
Enriched Air Nitrox 40% X        
Equipment Specialist   X      
Fill Station Operation         X
Hazardous Marine Life Injuries     X    
Ice Diver X        
Integrated Dive Mask System (full face) X        
Marine Ecosystems Awareness X X      
Neurological Assessment     X    
Night / Limited Visibility Diver X X      
Oxygen Administration   X X    
Peak Performance Buoyancy X        
Research Diver   X      
Search and Recovery Diver X X      
Tec Analox Complete Gas Analysis X        
Underwater Communications X        
Underwater Digital Photographer X X      
Underwater Navigator X X      
Underwater Videographer X X      
Visual Inspection Procedures   X      
Wreck Diver X X