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C-ARMS, Inc. provides consulting services for marine research, in situ monitoring, benthic surveys, marine invertebrate taxonomy, scientific diving programs, and instruction for scuba diving and diving emergency management.

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Underwater Search and Recovery Training

Calabash Cay, Belize

Benthic Survey

Boca Chica, Dominican Republic

About C-ARMS Inc.

Consulting for All Reef Monitoring Services was formed in 2012 to answer the need for specialized field support in the area of near shore marine monitoring.


is a small, veteran owned company that has a broad background in marine science field operations, marine invertebrate taxonomy and diving emergency management training including first aid, CPR, AED and oxygen administration instruction.

Additional Services

monitoring equipment rental 

surface and underwater field support

underwater photography/videography

local accomodations for training or field work

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In Situ Monitoring Solutions

C-ARMS can assist you with the design, integration, installation and use of in situ monitoring stations that communicate via radio, cellular or satellite systems.

In Situ Monitoring Solutions

Temporary and permanent benthic packages can be designed as stand-alone or integrated into a surface buoy.

Benthic Surveys

C-ARMS can provide marine benthic surveys using a variety of techniques as either a discreet service or as part of a long term contract.

Diving Emergency Management Programs

C-ARMS proudly partners with the Divers Alert Network to provide certification in BLS/First Aid (which includes AED and CPR), Emergency Oxygen for Scuba Diving Injuries, Diving Emergency Management Provider, Diving First Aid for the Professional Diver (CG Approved) Neurological Assessment, Hazardous Marine Life Injuries and CPR/FA for Health Care Providers

Scientific and Recreational Scuba Instruction

Scientific diving techniques are taught to the standards of the American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS) using PADI, and DAN courses.  Private recreational courses are available and C-ARMS offers over 30 specialties.

Courses Offered

Marine Invertebrate Taxonomy

C-ARMS can provide species level identification of most marine macro invertebrates found in the south Atlantic and Caribbean basins as well as many found in the Indo-Pacific.

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Consulting for All Reef Monitoring Services

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